Our Philosophy

We believe in providing the opportunity for every child in our care to learn, practice and experience all aspects of our program in a safe and supportive environment, giving every child a sense of belonging and becoming.

We believe every child learns through play, therefore we support a learning-through-play approach. Play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, stimulating and child-directed.

We believe in celebrating every child’s play and learning achievements, discoveries and fun through photos, work samples, documentation and learning stories.

We believe all children should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in all areas of our program, allowing for individual differences.

As a preschool, school readiness is an important part of our curriculum.

We provide a high-quality education program that responds to individual children’s needs.

We believe physical activity is an important part of our day. We program for physical activity and support the Munch & Move program.

With the help of our local community, families and friends, the staff at Murray St Preschool provide a continually, evolving environment in which we all feel safe, stimulated and happy.

Family values and beliefs are respected. This instils a sense of belonging.

We believe in continual improvement in all areas of our service and operate under the National Quality Standards (NQS).

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